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We Develop Apps With Both Mobile And Tablet In Mind.



Developing a mobile application for your business in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store is a great way to increase user engagement for your business and also reach new audiences.


TFI Web Design can save you from the pressure and time-absorbing method of creating a mobile application with the right skill, and we will ensure your custom mobile application suits your business perfectly.

In this digital era we live in, the demand for a mobile app that will work on different platforms continues to be on the rise, hence why designing cross-platform applications that perform on various mobile devices [mobile phones and tablets] is vital. From Apple iOS and iPhone apps to Android and Windows apps, we will be at your beck and call to get the job done.

It is now a well-known fact that there is substantial demand for top-rated mobile solutions for companies across the globe. As things stand, you should not ignore activities on mobiles because mobile web traffic continues to increase - with the majority of people spending long hours on their devices daily. 

Instead of neglecting mobile activities, you should think of ways to tap into the opportunities at hand to prevent losing out on the chance of new customers engaging with your business.


Our App Building Process!

Frequent dialogue with our clients is an essential part of our operation.

1We need to understand what your project is all about.

We must know what you want before we get the project started. Taking time to get a proper insight into what you desire will give us a head start in creating the app. Understanding this will prevent us from going off track as we design and develop your product, reducing any chance of uncertainty.


2. Research.

We will carry out a thorough analysis of other products in your field. Examining and reviewing existing and surfacing technology, futureproofing, market inquiry, and much more will be key to this process.


3. Design & Wireframing.

After gathering vital information about the mobile app, we will create the initial wireframes and the basic template of your app design, giving all parties involved a good idea of what your app will look like before we proceed to colour designs. Testing the mobile app user experience and making adjustments where needed, be it screen designs or organisation will also come in handy. 

At this point, we would have to contact you for feedback and consent before jumping on to the next phase, which will be to develop the project.


4. Development.

After installing the platform structure and view as well as the touch of the mobile app, we will complete the building process, which involves executing the design, functionality, and system integration.


5. Testing.

Before concluding the application, we will test it to make sure it functions properly. Experimenting will be conducted by automated and manual tools to ensure we have delivered a quality end product [outcome] to our client.



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