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Decide Today That You Need A Business-Friendly Website.

Updated: Mar 28

It is key that every business owner should have a website because you can still use Google to reach new customers even if most of your sales happen in person.

A stunning website can help increase your brand awareness.
A stunning website can help increase your brand awareness.

In today's digital world, how is it possible that some businesses still do not have a website? It's quite startling how this is still happening in a world where 4.66 billion people use the internet – over half of the world's total population.

If you look around, you can see a lot of small businesses and upcoming entrepreneurs using Facebook, Instagram, and a few other social media platforms as their chief source for branding and awareness.

Social media platforms are very good for building brands and creating awareness for your venture, but they shouldn't be the only tool you use if you want your business to grow beyond your imagination.

In this era, where we spend a lot of time on our mobiles and tablets, you not only need a desktop site but a responsive mobile-friendly site that can keep up with the ever-growing digital market.

At TFI Web Design, we believe a website provides the gateway for individuals and businesses to thrive through organic search results, and, with our SEO Manchester service, you can improve your ranking online, increase sales, and lots more.

It is a well-known fact that any company that does not have a website as of yet is truly not performing to its fullest potential.

"Websites provide the gateway for individuals and businesses in today's digital marketing world."

Now let us delve into the 3 reasons why your lovely venture needs a business-friendly website design.

  1. A website makes you look professional.

  2. Your website can attract new clients through Google.

  3. A website can encourage customers to contact you.

1. A website makes you look professional.

It is more important now than ever to have a mobile-friendly website because it should be your number one marketing tool in this modern era. Browsers spend almost 24 hours a week online and between 4-6 hours a day on their mobile devices, meaning users expect businesses to have a viable site that showcases their services, products, and content that makes them look more professional. Your site also allows you to display your best reviews and testimonials prominently.

2. Your website can attract new clients through Google.

Another plus of having a website that fits your business purpose is that you can appear where your target customers are. The majority of search online is done via Google, and, with an effective SEO campaign, you will attract new clients through search results, improve your business credibility which leads to an increase in sales, and lots more.

Once your website has been designed, developed, and published, you should have an SEO strategy in place because it's one of the keys to your online success as it helps improve the visibility of your enterprise in the web search engine's unpaid results.

SEO can target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, news search, and much more, and it is a known fact that this ensures your success over the long run. You'll also have the opportunity of embedding Google Maps into your website which makes it easier for people to locate your business.

"An effective SEO plan is one of the keys to your online success as it helps increase the visibility of your business within the algorithmic search results, which serve as a cost-effective way to advertise."

3. A website encourages customers to contact you - [Increases Leads]

With a static or dynamic website design, you can seal your position in the industry that you serve, and this enables your target audience to contact you for the service you provide. It leads to customers engaging with your business as opposed to not having an online presence where they can reach you, which puts your company in a disadvantageous position compared to your rivals, who are establishing their brands online.

Business-friendly Website Design at TFI Web Design
Build a glorious business-friendly website with an affordable Web Design Manchester service

If 93 percent of online experiences start with a search engine like Google or Bing, how do you expect to secure more deals or convert sales when you do not have an online presence?

In the long run, you will be head above the waters when you hire a top web design expert or a quality digital marketing agency to help you with your web design project.

Decide today that you need a website aside from social media accounts to seek new possibilities online as they are limitless to us all.

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