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How to Get the Most From Your SEO Providers.

Updated: Apr 1

How To Get The Most From Your SEO Providers [TFI WEB DESIGN]
How To Get The Most From Your SEO Providers [TFI WEB DESIGN]

While entrepreneurs often feel as though SEO is something that they can handle in-house, there’s no doubt that you need genuine expertise to deliver successful and effective campaigns.

In this case, not only will you need to find the best and most skilled SEO service providers out there, but you’ll also have to ensure that you take steps to get the most from such entities.

In this post, we have explored this in further detail while asking; how you can optimise the impact of your SEO providers?

#1. Provide Your Providers With Thorough Briefs

Regardless of how big your website is, you’ll always know and understand more about your business venture than your chosen SEO partners.

This can create significant gaps in knowledge when bringing an SEO project together, so you must fill these by educating your chosen providers and affording them the insight that can optimise the efficiency of their work.

Certainly, providers can get lost when working on larger sites, becoming confused by the overall structure and the precise customer journey that you’re attempting to deliver.


You can negate this by providing a detailed brief that offers context around the site map and individual landing pages, ideally presenting this ahead of time and in a way that allows them time to provide feedback and clarify key points.

#2. Layout Clearly-Defined Targets and Deliverables

Often, SEO campaigns are synonymous with broad goals such as increasing organic traffic by 10% during a single quarter, delivering this isn’t completely within the remit of your SEO freelancers.

Remember, so-called “deliverables” are concrete in their nature, while they refer to controllable elements and outcomes that definitively determine whether or not specific tasks were completed satisfactorily.

More specifically, it’s the role of SEO providers to execute a brief and complete the individual tasks necessary to achieve commercial growth, rather than guarantee such outcomes are accomplished.

So, we’d recommend setting simple and concise deliverables that keep providers on task and optimise the impact that they’re able to have within your venture.

#3. Be Proactive When Outlining Success Metrics

On a similar note, you can attempt to gauge the success or otherwise of an SEO (or any other) project without identifying metrics that are capable of measuring this. Make no mistake; knowing precisely how to measure success translates into an accurate ROI on your SEO spend, while creating clear lessons (both good and bad) for the future.


Such metrics are often referred to as key performance indicators (KPI), and while this will vary from one business and industry to another, you need to identify the metrics that are most relevant to you.

So, when preparing for your project and hiring freelance or external SEO providers, you’ll have to identify these KPIs and map out individual measures before sharing these with your partners.

In the case of SEO, common KPIs include SERP rankings and site traffic, with improvements in both metrics indicative of good work being done by your selected providers.

Metrics that deal with hard data tend to be the most insightful and effective, so being on top of this and the numbers help you to gauge the effectiveness of individual techniques and overall campaigns.

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