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Is Web Design Behind The Rise Of iGaming?

Updated: May 11

Design Agencies In Manchester And Throughout The UK Have boosted iGaming operators. [TFI WEB DESIGN]
Design Agencies In Manchester And Throughout The UK Have boosted iGaming operators.

There is no doubt that iGaming represents an enormous business in the UK, with the online gambling GGY on these shores having grown by 8.1% to an impressive $5.7 billion in the year ending March 2020.

There are numerous reasons for this, from a relatively progressive regulatory climate to the underlying technology and quality of gameplay available to players.

However, web design principles have also played a part in driving the success of this market. But how exactly have design agencies in Manchester and throughout the UK boosted iGaming operators?


What is iGaming?

Let’s start with the basics; as iGaming refers to online gambling and includes key verticals such as virtual casino gameplay, remote sports betting, and even online bingo.

The definition has also been extended to include eSports betting, which is a fast-growing niche that added £111.5 million in gross added value (GVA) in 2019.

The iGaming market has continued to grow as it has diversified, while the presence of multiple verticals through single online interfaces has also helped individual operators to reach a much broader audience.

How Has Good Web Design Empowered the iGaming Market?

OK, we hear you ask, but how exactly has basic web design in Manchester and throughout the UK helped to drive growth in the iGaming market? Here are some examples:

  • The Integration of Products on a Single Website: As we’ve already touched on, if there’s one thing that sets online casinos apart, it’s their seamless layout and ease of navigation. This enables multi-channel operators to pack various verticals into their websites, including online casino games, live casino platforms, and virtual sportsbooks. The key here is the creative use of vertical and drop-down menus, which organises the space effectively and prevents sites from becoming easily cluttered.


  • Responsive Site Designs and HTML5: Most casinos now feature HTML5 games on their sites, with these seamlessly accessible through a desktop or mobile browser such as Chrome or Safari. This innovation has also been supported by advancements in responsive design techniques, which ensure that casino sites and their various games adapt in real-time to different devices and can be freely accessed (in most instances) in landscape and portrait modes.

  • Security and SSL Encryption: Most online casino websites are secured with the minimum 128-bit SSL encryption standard, although this is also augmented by additional protection in the form of Transport Layer Security (TLS). This will encrypt and authenticate sites using a robust protocol (TLS 1.2), which ensures that any personal or financial information entered through the site can only be decrypted using a key that is secured by more than 300 trillion potential combinations.


The Last Word.

Clearly, several factors continue to drive growth in iGaming, with high quality and intuitive web design one of the most influential.

Without this, operators would struggle to offer the range of products and verticals they do, while they would also be considerably less secure and prone to hackers.

Sound web design principles are also crucial given the rise of mobile gambling, which represents another key stage in the market’s evolution.

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