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The 3 Founding Principles of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Updated: May 11

Creating an effective SEO campaign is easier said than done, particularly in competitive markets where brands must compete for a viable revenue share.

Numerous statistics highlight the importance of SEO in the digital age, with Google alone receiving nearly 2.3 trillion searches every single year on average.

Of the new searches that occur each day, it’s estimated that 15% are new to Google, suggesting that a large number of customers continue to head online before making purchasing decisions and identifying viable brands.

However, creating an effective SEO campaign is easier said than done, particularly in competitive markets where brands must fight for a viable revenue share.

In this post, we’ll look at the three founding principles of SEO [search engine optimisation] and ask why they’re so important.

1. Keyword Research.

2. Develop Your Content Strategy.

3. Undertake Competitor Research.

1. Get Started with Your Keyword Research.

It’s key that brands look to rank prominently on Google in relation to targeted keywords, and dedicated research is central to achieving this aim.

To this end, keyword research is the process of identifying the viability of potential search words and phrases, according to their relevance, popularity, and subsequent monetary value.

It’s wise to use a keyword tool when undertaking this type of research, as this will help you to understand precisely what consumers are typing into search engines when searching for your products and services.

Interestingly, a common search engine can be used for this purpose too, and this is a genuinely effective tool when carrying out initial research.

With Google’s Keyword Planner, you can also test and research the search terms and phrases that adequately represent your brand, before verifying the most effective and determining which ones offer the best possible value for your marketing spend.

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The 3 Founding Principles Of SEO [TFI WEB DESIGN]
The 3 Founding Principles Of SEO. [TFI WEB DESIGN]

2. Develop Your Content Strategy.

Of course, working with a high-quality SEO Agency in Manchester can help you to rank well in regards to specific keywords, but you should also use these terms and phrases to develop a solid content strategy.

The reason for this is simple; basic SEO relies on good quality content in the digital age, particularly as Google continues to make readability and relevance increasingly important metrics when ranking pages.

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In this respect, an effective SEO expert should reinforce the importance of high-quality content to any successful SEO campaign, while you can also take control of your brand’s content calendar and create outreach that effectively drives traffic to your site.

To achieve this successfully, you’ll need to have a clear and concise knowledge of your audience, as this enables you to build on the foundation of your keywords to create interesting content ideas. Our Manchester SEO Copywriter can help with this.

Being concise is also key, as you must maintain a succinct and strategic

outlook when developing ideas and place a keen focus on relevance.

3. Undertake Competitor Research.

While it’s also important that you invest in an SEO-friendly website design, you should never overlook the importance of undertaking competitor research.

Make no mistake; the very best SEO practices include a thorough analysis of your competitors, whether there are near-identical brands located within your area or larger corporations that have the potential to divert some of your online traffic.

By developing a deep and meaningful understanding of your competitors, you can create a more rounded and informed SEO strategy that benefits your brand going forward.

Similarly, you can also borrow successful ideas and adapt them for your business, particularly in terms of content ideas and long-tail keywords.

Solid competitor research can also help to secure your differentiation, by identifying key and undiscovered niches that afford you a competitive edge over your rivals.

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