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The Importance of Graphic Design When Developing a Website.

Updated: May 11

There is an inherent link between graphic and website design
There is an inherent link between graphic and website design

There are plenty of cutting-edge graphic design trends that will dominate 2021, with many of these relevant to the world of web design.

Whenever you work alongside a web design agency, you’ll begin to understand the inherent link between graphic and website design, with the former incredibly important if you’re to create a stylish, functional, and professional site.

We’ll explore this further in the article below so that you can optimise your website design and afford your business the best chance of success!

1. Increasing the Visual Appeal of Your Design.

The chief purpose of graphic design is to optimise the visual appeal of content, and the same rule applies when creating your commercial website or blog.

This is an important consideration; it promotes the communication of key values and principles integral to your brand while reinforcing a brand’s visual identity and driving awareness and recognition over time.

This can also lend a much-needed air of professionalism to your site, with this likely to influence the minds of consumers and enable you to establish your brand as an authority in a specific marketplace.

Another transferable graphic design trend refers to the use of white space, which is the area that exists between design elements. The application of white space can be a great tool when balancing design elements and structuring your website as you organise content and improve the overall user experience.

2. Creating the Right Font for Your Website.

Online users and customers tend to be quick to judge, with studies showing that it only takes approximately 0.5 seconds to form an opinion of your website.

Incredibly, 94% of this judgement will be design-related, with the graphic design elements you use (such as typography) particularly important.

Of course, this is why Manchester web design is such a popular service, as professionals will ensure that you utilise the best elements to promote your brand.

The so-called “sans serif” selection of fonts is arguably the most suitable for websites, as they tend to convey modernism, strength, and style, while they tend to be easy to read across both desktop and mobile devices.

Of course, you may want to alter your font depending on your brand's nature and values, as each grouping boasts its own unique features and benefits.

3. Optimising the Usability of Your Website.

We’ve already touched on how white space can be used to improve your website's functionality, with this typical of how graphic design principles can make your site easier to use.

Given the growing impatience of web users, most have little time for complex, confusing, or poorly laid out sites, so you must utilise vital design elements to simplify navigation and optimise the load time of individual landing pages.

When it comes to the latter, you’ll need to ensure that your content and graphics are appropriate, especially when uploading video content. You may want to consider uploading videos on YouTube and embedding these onto specific landing pages (rather than hosting them on your site), for example, while compressing the size of images by altering file formats and ensuring they’re loaded correctly.

It is one of the first things that a website design team in Manchester will consider when they work alongside you, so it makes sense to keep it in mind when building out the platform.

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