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The Key Website Design Trends for 2020.

Updated: May 11

In many ways, the precise size of the market opportunity in the web design sector is hard to quantify, but a quick glimpse at the eCommerce space offers a unique insight into this fast-growing industry.

More specifically, the UK had the third-largest e-commerce market in the world back in 2016, and by 2021 it’s estimated that roughly 93% of all UK Internet users will shop regularly online.

This will represent the highest online shopping penetration rate in the whole of Europe and underlines the need for high-quality and responsive websites across the board.

In this post, we’ll discuss this in further detail, by appraising the key website design trends for 2020 and beyond!

1. Heralding the Age of Dark Mode Web Design.

2, The Rise of Affordable and Easy-to-create 3D Visuals.

3. More Human-inspired Designs with Distinct Flaws and Imperfections.

1. Heralding the Age of Dark Mode Web Design.

In many respects, ‘dark mode’ does exactly what is said on the tin, by creating a design template that imposes light-coloured text, icons, and UI elements on a dark and brooding background.


Make no mistake; this provides a stark alternative to the familiar use of dark text on a light background, creating an ultra-modern look that contrasts sharply and enhances the visual experience.

This type of look is certainly easy on the eye, while from a purely aesthetic perspective it also allows critical UI elements and branding to pop and capture the attention of users.

This trend has practical advantages too, not least because dark website themes tend to be better for contemporary OLED displays. As a result, they can save device power and extend screen lifespans in the current market, while improving the visibility of other accent colours for a truly dynamic design.

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2. More Human-inspired Designs with Distinct Flaws and Imperfections.

Let’s face facts; there are some imperfections in website design that simply cannot be tolerated, such as spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. This is why many designers collaborate with a professional copywriter service, of course, but in the modern age, it can be argued that some imperfections help to inject humanity into your website and personify your brand’s visual identity like top web design companies in Manchester do.

For example, imperfect, hand-drawn designs and icons are all the rage in contemporary design, thanks largely to their capacity for humanising even the most corporate websites and creating an emotional connection between brands and their consumers.

This type of deliberate and strategic imperfection certainly adds a sense of authenticity to modern web design, and this type of approach can help your brand to stand out from its rivals in particularly crowded markets.

3. The Rise of Affordable and Easy-to-create 3D Visuals.

While the concept of 3D visuals has always had the capacity to wow consumers, it has also remained beyond the reach of most business owners and entrepreneurs. After all, virtual reality (VR) has yet to enter the mainstream in terms of cost and accessibility, whilst the same principle could also be applied to slightly more rudimentary 3D visuals.

The latter trend is beginning to change, however, in the same way, that responsive and mobile-friendly website design has become more readily available over the last decade or so. This is largely thanks to significant advances in technology, which now enable you to design visual elements in 3D without the aid of NASA-tier equipment.

You can even create interactive 3D elements for your site to create a more immersive experience, and this provides a unique and potentially impactful design trend that fills the void until the popularisation of VR technology.

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