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The Link Between Content And SEO.

Updated: May 11

It’s too easy to overlook the inextricable link that binds SEO and Content during a successful promotional campaign [TFI WEB DESIGN]
It’s too easy to overlook the inextricable link that binds SEO and Content during a successful promotional campaign [TFI WEB DESIGN]

While it’s right to view SEO and content marketing as separate entities that should be considered in their own right, it’s all too easy to overlook the inextricable link that binds them during successful promotional campaigns.

The lines between these two disciplines have definitely blurred in the digital age, with modern-day SEO techniques built around content marketing strategies and the delivery of copy across multiple channels.

So, whether you’re in the market for SEO Manchester or alternative locations, you’ll need to understand this relationship in a little more detail as an entrepreneur.

What do the Terms ‘SEO’ and ‘Content Marketing’ Mean?

In simple terms, SEO refers to ‘search engine optimisation’, and is the technical process of increasing online visibility for your brand.

Similarly, it can drive high-quality traffic to your website and social channels, maximising both on and off-site SEO components to achieve optimal results.

Conversely, content marketing is focused on the development of relevant and valuable copy across a range of internal and external channels, to build audience loyalty and elicit specific actions from target customers.

There’s clearly a difference between these two disciplines, and it’s fair to say that your local SEO Manchester provider may not offer both services.

However, the two are linked through their ability to generate significant leads for your business, while the relationship between on-site SEO and content marketing is particularly pronounced.

This is best embodied by the utilisation of keywords, which is an essential element of both SEO and content marketing strategies. Technical SEO requires you to research keyword phrases that are the most relevant to your brand or proposition, for example, in a bid to rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

To fully achieve this objective, however, selected keywords will then have to be integrated naturally into target landing pages and external pieces of content, usually with a density of around 3% and in a way that doesn’t distract from the quality of the copy.

How SEO and Content Marketing Drive the User Experience

Another key element of on-site SEO is optimising metadata and title tags, while these examples of technical copy play a critical role in determining precisely how search engines respond to specific landing pages.

These elements are also central to the online user experience, as they enable visitors to recognise relevant information from a particular page before they click on it.

Once a visitor clicks on your site, the appropriate use of header tags (H1 to H6) can also help to facilitate a seamless customer journey.

More specifically, this helps you to differentiate headings and subheadings on any given page, structuring the content accordingly and creating a well-organised page that features easy-to-read information.


In this instance, both SEO and content marketing principles can be combined to influence and enhance the typical user experience, regardless of the product or service that you’re offering to your customers.

The Last Word

Whenever you engage the services of an SEO company in Manchester, the quality of the results that they produce will be influenced directly by your content marketing strategies and the quality of the content that you produce.

Of course, some service providers will be able to help you in this respect too, but it’s crucial that you understand the relationship between these two disciplines and focus on the quality and nature of the content produced by your brand.

You must also identify relevant keywords and incorporate these into your content as organically as possible, as this will have a pronounced impact on your ultimate SERPs over time.

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