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The Real Impact Of Copywriting On Your Brand.

The Real Impact Of Copywriting On Your Brand [TFI WEB DESIGN].
The Real Impact Of Copywriting On Your Brand. [TFI WEB DESIGN].

Copywriting is an interesting and often underestimated skill, primarily because most English speakers think that they’re more than capable of creating adequate content for their websites, blogs, and advertising campaigns.

While this may be true in some respects, however, there’s no doubt that good quality and professional copywriting can deliver a significant boost to your brand.

To this end, some 74% of web users pay attention to the quality of spelling and grammar on commercial websites, while more structured and longer-form content can increase sales by up to 52% when executed well.

In this post, we’ll look at the real impact of copywriting on your brand, by appraising a few of its core advantages.

#1. Use Copy to Build Your Brand Identity

While brand identity is usually focused on visual elements such as logos and colour palettes, incorporating tone of voice can create a multi-faceted and more engaging persona.

In this respect, professional copywriting can be leveraged to further build brand identity, ensuring that you communicate your ideas and values to customers in a way that resonates with them.

But what goes into a successful tone of voice? Well, this should be constructed using emotions that are relevant to your brand’s values, whether you want to create a serious and professional tone (for financial or investment applications) or more playful interactions for product-oriented propositions.

Ultimately, professional copywriters understand how to create and structure a branded tone of voice across different online channels, including social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. They can also construct a tone of voice from scratch, based on an understanding of your brand and its values.

#2. Distinguish Between Words vs Value-Driven Content

It’s relatively easy to write words, especially if you’re simply looking to fill space and have little regard for correct spelling or grammar.

However, a professional or full-time copywriter is capable of creating value-driven content, which utilises words and sentences to actively engage readers and direct them to take a particular course of action.

Typically, this type of purposeful content is written in an active and concise tense, while it’s well structured and designed to achieve a specific objective.

For example, when creating product-oriented content, it’s easy to simply list a number of core features and unique selling points. However, a copywriter will translate these into consumer benefits, incentivising individuals to partner with your brand.

#3. Target Different Audiences With Your Copy

We live in the age of big data, where brands have access to large swathes of consumer-oriented datasets and can use this to target different demographics through integrated campaigns.

This can be challenging, however, as writing for alternative audiences may require you to utilise different tones while remaining within the boundaries of your brand identity.

Make no mistake; experienced copywriters are well-versed in the art of writing for alternative audiences, as they create content from the perspective of customers and encourage them to interact with the brand.

They may also have broader experiences in writing for alternative audiences based on their geographical roots, enabling them to factor in cultural differences and leverage these accordingly.

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