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Voice, Video And FAQs - SEO In 2021.

Updated: May 11

The importance of SEO in Manchester and similar locations has increased notably. [Image By Merakist]
The importance of SEO [search engine optimisation] in Manchester and similar locations has increased notably [Image Source: Merakist]

SEO has always been an evolutionary concept and one that continues to change in line with innovation and consumer behaviour.

Not only this, but the importance of SEO in Manchester and similar locations has increased markedly since the beginning of last year, with the coronavirus pandemic having added a whopping £5.3 billion to UK eCommerce through 2020.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the unique areas of focus for SEO in 2021, while asking why they’re likely to be so impactful during the next 12 months.

1. Video Content

While the rise of video content won’t come as a surprise to any SEO practitioner, 2021 is likely to see this become a prominent focal point of any client strategy.

Video content has certainly seen an incremental increase since 2010, with this type of content thought to account for up to 82% of global Internet traffic at the end of last year.

Video content is highly effective too, with this thought to boost lead generation by as much as 66% annually as part of a successful marketing campaign.

This has much to do with responsive web design and the ability of video to adapt to mobile screen sizes, while this type of content is also noticeably more popular with influential consumer demographics such as Millennials.


2. FAQs

FAQs (or frequently asked questions) have historically been little more than informational pages designed to provide data to customers who visit your website.

However, they’re increasingly being asked to assume a far bigger and more influential role, especially as customers are now more inclined to browse and research products online as well as making purchases.

To this end, FAQs are frequently utilised to research company-specific products and services, so that customers can make an informed decision and identify brands that they can trust.

So, such pages must be optimised for SEO, while we’d also recommend writing them in concise English and leveraging key search phrases concerning your products or services.

3. Voice Search

We’ll close with voice search, which once again is one of the worst-kept secrets in the world of SEO.

While voice-activated tools such as Alexa and smart speakers have already taken the commercial world by storm, however, 2021 will see voice search continue to evolve at a considerable rate.


Incredibly, a study by PwC has found that 71% of respondents would rather use voice search than type queries into a search engine, while Google has suggested that this is now part of the daily routine of 72% of web users.

The key challenge from an SEO perspective is that optimising content for voice searches is not compatible with short keywords, so you should consider utilising long-tail alternatives and phrases that leverage natural language when looking to rank well from this perspective.

The Last Word

If you’re looking to boost SEO for your business in Stockport or the surrounding areas, you must understand the key trends driving search engine traffic in 2021.

The elements listed above are all becoming increasingly prevalent features of any successful SEO campaign, with video content and voice searches especially crucial in the digital age.

This rule applies across the majority of consumer-led industries too, from retail and consumer electronics to eCommerce.

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