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Our Web Design Manchester service can play an integral role in successfully promoting your business, from the initial design concept to the outcome in the most professional manner as we are passionate about building responsive and inclusive websites that offer a more intuitive, responsive experience for web users. 

Putting the effort, time, and thought into creating a unique online user experience for your business is important to your success as well as ours in the digital market. 

Effective Website Design

For us, effective web design starts not with a web developer, but with a chat [or a telephone call]. This is because we need to ask a few questions and listen to you talk about your business and its goals.

Only then can we be assured that our Web Design Manchester expert can produce what you want and begin to put the pointer to the pixel.

Website Re-Design

Re-designing a website goes way beyond improving its visual elements. A complete website re-design means you get more than just a new look.

It could be that your current website is outdated, or maybe you’ve hired someone to have it re-designed, and it is not functioning right.


Well, you do not have to worry, we have got the solution to your web design queries.

When helping you through the journey of a complete re-design, our mission goes way beyond the looks as we make sure the goal is achieved.

Creative Website Design

Once research and planning have been accomplished, meaning we have a clear idea of what kind of website you want, that is when we begin to explore creative details and design.

It is key that when a visitor lands on your site they are convinced that they’ve found the right business to help them get what they want, which enhances the chances of turning browsers into new customers.

Our Mobile Responsive Websites include the following freebies;

  • Free Domain for 1 Year

  • 100% Ownership

  • Mobile Friendly

  • SEO Friendly

  • Ad Vouchers (Google & Bing)

  • We Provide Text Content

  • We Provide HD Images

  • Support Anytime

  • SSL Certificate


Grow Your Business Online



Steps We Take When Designing A Web site:


  • Goal Identification: Before we resume a new web design project, we must determine the goal(s) of the new site. It is essential that we know what the purpose is.

  • Scope Definition: After identifying the site's goals, we define the scope of the project, web pages, and features the website needs in order to achieve those goals as well as the timeline required to build it.

  • Sitemap And Wireframe Creation: Following a proper understanding of the scope, our web design expert will look into the sitemap. This is when we define how the content and features we determined in the scope will connect. By planning this in advance, we have a better chance of perfecting navigation on your site and offering users a smooth browsing experience.

  • Content Creation: With a clear vision, we generate content for the web pages. It is key that we have search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind to help keep pages focused on a single topic. And, the content will be needed as we move on to the visual elements.

  • Visual Elements: We work on the visual brand since we have site architecture and some content ready. Depending on the customer, this may already be well-outlined.

  • Testing: All pages will be up and running and clearly defined. Therefore, we can test everything and make sure they all work by performing manual browsing on different devices to identify everything from user experience issues to simple broken links.

  • Launch and Maintain: Launching the website will be done after we have found a balance between form and function. Launching a website isn’t the end of the development journey. It is just another milestone that has been achieved. The maintenance phase is what follows.





Quality SEO practices will come in handy if you intend to push your Web site further in SERP [search engine result pages]. And, if you do not understand what SEO is, we advise that you read through the three founding principles of search engine optimisation and how long it takes for SEO to work so you have a good understanding of what the process means.

TFI Website Design and Maintenance


Your business-friendly Website Needs Continual Improvements And Updates

Done By Our Website Builder in Manchester.

Website maintenance is a service that keeps your website healthy - safe, updated, and fast. This is the act of constantly monitoring your website for issues and mistakes as well as keeping it updated and relevant. It's is a crucial part of web design that helps provide the very best, most relevant experience possible on your website.

An unattended site tends to go off track and its objectives will never be reached that’s why it’s key to keep it performing at its best with an ongoing process of improvements.

TFI's Web Designer in Manchester makes these vital updates on your behalf while you focus on your business and customers.

We are on your side, and always looking to keep your site safe, updated, and fast.

How Much Do Our Maintenance Plans Cost?

Our Maintenance plans are priced from;

  • £50 per month (Primary).

  • £85 per month (Median).

  • And £130 per month (Advanced).

If you pay a year or more for maintenance, you’ll receive 2 months free!

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